Meet Luna!

Now that you’ve met Moondoggie, it’s time for Luna’s introduction!

This is Luna:

We got her from a rescue, too, when she was two months old. We’ve had her since she was just a rolly -polly. I could carry her in one hand. We were told she’s a Boxer/Aussie mix, but we’re not sure about that. She’s not even thirty pounds full grown. She might have some of both breeds in her, but I think her parents must have been mixes as well. We could get a DNA test, but we’re not THAT concerned. She’s just our sweet little whatever-she-is, and that’s fine by us.

Luna has the prettiest eyes. One is brown, and one is blue. On the brown eye, she has black eyelashes and a permanent winged eyeliner look. On the blue eye, she has white eyelashes and more of a tight-lined eyeliner look. She has an unusual amount of squish for a dog. You can literally pull her skin away from her body. It’s like she never grew into it. She has tons of freckles, and her hair swirls into itself to look like a hurricane in the center of her chest.

I would describe her personality as sweet, timid, and loving. Luna loves cuddles and to be pet on the chest (but she doesn’t love to be pet where she’s extra squishy). If you’re near her and not petting her, she’ll paw at you until you do. If you stop, she’ll paw at you again. One of her funniest qualities is that she talks. She talks to us in the morning when we wake up, she talks to us when she wants something, and she talks to us when she is displeased in any way. I wish I could give an accurate description of the sound. It’s something between a bark and a growl, and it is absolutely adorable. She enjoys watching TV. So far, her favorites have been Penny DreadfulHamilton, and the “live-action” version of The Lion King. She loves the idea of car rides but doesn’t like having to sit in the back seat away from her humans.

Her tricks include:

  • Sit
  • Fives
  • Boops/Kisses

She’s scared of pooping (seriously, I’ve never seen a dog so afraid of her own poop), people in hats, distant motorcycles, playing hide and seek… She’s afraid of everything, really. When she does something bad, she lets us know/apologizes by sitting on the couch, looking extra pathetic and guilty. And it works every time.

Her favorite game is catch. She’s really good at catching a ball in the air, and I think she gets a thrill out of it because it’s something she’s good at and Moondoggie struggles with. Maybe I’m projecting a bit too much humanity onto my dogs here, but that’s how it seems! She also loves to play while I’m exercising. It never fails. The moment I get out my mat, she gets out a toy. It’s been especially cute lately because she has a (now half-eaten) dumbbell toy that she always gets out when I’ve got my dumbbells out.

She is also known as:

  • Luna Mae (her full name)
  • Roona Roo (like Scooby Doo)
  • Baby Girl

So, there you have it. This was part two of my too-in-depth discussion about my dogs, but I’m hoping you stuck with it because you love the strange idiosyncrasies of pets as much as I do!

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