Meet Moondoggie!

Since my dogs are my babies, I’ll probably feature them on my blog often. Figured I’d give them a proper introduction.

This is Moondoggie:

We got him from a rescue when he was about five months old. They told us he’s a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, and I’m inclined to believe that since he has physical and personality traits of both breeds.

His ears were too big for his body when we first adopted him, but he has grown into them. One of them typically flops over while the other stands at attention. It’s funny to me because I was in a production of the musical Urinetown (a great show, check it out if you can), and my prop bunny had the same ears! Moondoggie has tiny Dr. Seuss feet that smell like corn chips, and a white spot on his chest that’s always cold. He has the cutest mop of bleach-blonde hair on top of his head, and we like to let that grow out so we can style it. His hair grows extremely fast. A friend once told me she loved how he always looks a little homeless. We have been trying to groom him ourselves this year, and it’s getting better with each attempt. He has dog allergies. I didn’t know that was a thing. Unfortunately, because they can get pretty bad and irritate his bronchial tubes, he is more susceptible to illness than some dogs. Because of this, we’re supposed to keep his exposure to other places/dogs to a minimum when possible.

I would describe his personality as a cranky old man. He’s very smart, and he gets impatient when he wants something and feels ignored (don’t we all?).  He’s also very aware of everything going on at all times. His likes include making loud noises (his bark is exceptionally ear-piercing), chilling in his self-made pillow/shark forts (we’re not sure how he does it), getting massages and ear rubs, and doing tricks for treats or for attention.

His tricks include:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Lay down
  • Roll over
  • Fives
  • Boops/Kisses (he also gives these as a “treat” when his humans do his bidding)

His dislikes include car rides, watching his humans pack for a trip, and attention. He’s very particular about what kind of attention he gets, and he only wants it on his terms. He’s afraid of loud noises (ironic since he loves to make them), the oven when it’s on, and the vacuum cleaner (on or off).

His favorite game is Hide & Seek. We tell him to stay, and then we hide somewhere and call for him. He would play this all day if we could. Tied for second place in the games category would be keep away and chasing the Swiffer.

He is also known as:

  • Moondoggie Jax (his full name)
  • Moonie
  • Moondog
  • Mr. Sweet Face (any Jane the Virgin fans?)
  • Mr. Mooney Head (derived from a long story about something I misheard in the song Lady Marmalade)

Clearly, I love my dogs. This is my longest post yet, and I haven’t even gotten to Luna! I’ll feature her in the next post. In the meantime, let’s talk pets! Do you have any pets? What kind of wacky things do they get up to?