It’s International Literacy Day!

What better way to celebrate than to talk about books?

The adorable dog model is Luna. And yes, that’s a Disneyland throw covering our couch (and a Disney World throw covering the other cushion). We have a *slight* Disney obsession in our house.

My last read was Home Work by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. This is a sequel to her first memoir, Home.  Both are definite must-reads for Julie fans. Home Work is specifically dedicated to her Hollywood years, and it seems to be the preferred book amongst fans. I, personally, love both equally. It’s so nice to know that the singer/actress I grew up admiring is also a very admirable human being! I own both of these books in audio format as well. I love listening to Julie Andrews read them. It’s like story time with Nana Julie! As threatened in my introduction post, one of these days I’ll devote a whole blog post to Julie Andrews. It’ll probably be a review of her books and of her speaking engagement I got to attend last year. It was an absolute dream come true!

My current read is Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight series is such a guilty pleasure of mine, and I’m so glad this was finally published. Wes has been reading this to me (I know, we’re disgusting) since self-publishing a book means that by the end of the day I am done looking at words. We only get through about a chapter a night, and we’re finally almost to the meadow scene! So far I’m enjoying getting more insight into the mind and actions of Edward and getting more insight into the Cullen clan as a whole. I’m tempted to reread all of the Twilight novels after, but…

My next read will probably be Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. It’s Wes’s all-time favorite book/movie/fandom/toys/everything, and it only seems fair that we reread it after I’ve forced him to endure the melodramatic thoughts of a teenage vampire. I love Jurassic Park, too, so it’s not like it’s a sacrifice on my part. We recently read The Evolution of Claire—a Jurassic World prequel novel about Claire in her intern years. Loved that one, too!

How about you? What have you read recently? What are you reading? What are you planning to read?

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